2020 Fees —
Registration Fee: $75 per family due in full at enrollment
Tuition Fee: $350 in full or 10 auto installments of $40 each per family

Distance Alternative: $300 tuition paid in full for those looking for record keeping only with no participation in activities or events.

High School Fee: $50 per student due in full with tuition

Testing Fees: 8-12th grades approx $25 each

Non Member – Support Group Fee: $100 per year, per family
for those who do not wish to enroll in Grace and Glory Academy but would like to be involved in our group activities, meetings and events for support and community.

CURRICULUM — families may use free online curriculum, purchase resources from your own selected companies or order a box set of curriculum from our Academy!

We accept debit or credit card payments through Apple Pay or Paypal.
We also accept personal checks. Any bounced checks are subject to a $35 fee. We do not accept cash.