Monday Classes

The Grace and Glory Experience…

Students enjoy a Monday “drop off” campus experience, filled with Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason style enrichment classes on 30 select Mondays. A full day of classes (9am to 2pm) are hosted in a clean, safe, ministry environment, centrally located in Corona, California.
For the 2016-17 term, we’re offering  Narnia Art, Nature Study Survival Science, Photography, Writing, Bible Sword Drill, Citizens Studies, Renaissance and Reformation History Fair and more.   

Monday campus courses are composed of carefully chosen books, resources and Ambleside inspired unit studies. Grace and Glory students are exposed to classic literature, poetry, the greatest works of art, beautiful music, nature study, Holy Scripture and the majesty of God’s creation. By providing a gentle learning atmosphere and training in good habits, students have the opportunity to engage in feasting on new ideas and inspirational thoughts; a variety of educational activities, celebrations and socialization opportunities, are planned and prepared for our Monday program to leave a lasting impression upon the lives of our students and their families.

A typical day at Grace and Glory campus classes, is both challenging and pleasurable, involving the work of the mind, the heart, and the hands; requiring individual effort from every student as well as group cooperation. Class sizes are purposefully kept small; under 15 students. This allows teachers and students to know each other well and to cultivate healthy relationships, for optimal learning. All students are exposed to the Bible and principles of Jesus Christ are woven throughout all lessons.

Student work, behavior and participation is observed and assessed; leaders will meet with parents individually for mid-year “Report of Growth” conferences to share our perspective of the on-campus strengths and weaknesses of each student.  Additional parent-teacher conferences may be requested, if needs arise. Parents are responsible for partnering with Grace and Glory leaders, as active home-educators and campus-supporters, monitoring their student’s conduct and progress. Parents will be asked to volunteer either their Time, Talent or Treasures at minimum of twice per school term.

Campus experiences take place, under the watchful eyes of loving, faith-filled leaders who place spiritual growth along with academic growth, at the forefront of their ministry. Grace and Glory leaders and board members, share a commitment to believe, follow and obey the teachings of God’s Word. We desire to serve and support families, as they partner with us. Leaders are held accountable for their words, actions and deeds. Our team is dedicated, continually training and growing individually and as a group, to better improve our services.

Family Registration Fee: $75.00 (regardless of how many students you’re enrolling)
Student Materials Fee: $25.00 per child
Tuition: $65 per month, per child for Members | $75 per month, per child for NonMembers

*Download our Catalog for more details here: 2016-17 Grace and Glory Catalog
*Download our Class Required Supply Lists: Required Supplies 2016-17 PreK Kinder  |  Required Supplies 2016-17 1st-6th

*Download our 16/17 Calendar of Dates: Grace and Glory Calendar-2016-2017 Final
Note: participating in our classes, is not equivalent to enrolling in our Academy PSP.

Grace and Glory has a passion for ministering to home schooling families, regardless of their affiliation. GGHS supports efforts towards private education however, we welcome all bible-believing, home schooling families, to enroll in classes, including but not limited to Public Charter School families, those who file independently and those enrolled in other PSP programs.