New Community Flyer 2018

Middle School/High School

Middle School and High School

The educational journey takes a new turn, once students enter the secondary years…..academics increase in difficulty and our teens begin craving more interaction with peers. Grace and Glory desires to encourage, support and empower parents and students to break free from doubts and insecurities, and to embrace the joys home education can bring during the secondary years. This season presents newfound independence and exciting new opportunities to experience MORE together! Grace and Glory offers group classes on a weekly basis. Parents remain the teacher and oversee home assignments – we facilitate projects, activities, opportunities, discussions and field trips.

New Community Flyer 2018

For 2018-19: Middle School and High School classes will be on Thursday mornings at the Corona Heritage Park Classroom. 
9:00-11:00 History and Writing Core Block | 11:20-1:00 Enrichment PE, Science Circle and Lunch at the park.
There is a monthly fee, which can vary based on the number of enrollment students in the class. The more who join, the less the fees, so please tell your friends!


Please download our: Grace and Glory Community Handbook