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Charlotte Mason promoted Nature Study as a regular part of a child’s curriculum.  Grace and Glory has a “Wild + Free” nature group, which gathers specifically for nature outings. Mothers and their children of all ages, embark on adventures throughout the Southern California area, exploring parks and nature centers together, on select weekdays.

For the 2017/18 term,  our Wild+Free chapter will be specifically for the homeschooling families who are enrolled in our program. Visit www.bewildandfree.org to find other open groups in our area.   
There will be no additional fee to participate in our Wild+Free chapter. Our Wild+Free Coordinator is Heather Vanderweerd and she will communicate all information and plans directly to those who sign up. Sign up’s will open August 9, 2017.  You may contact Heather via email: heather@graceandgloryacademy.org