Elementary Classes

Grace and Glory Wednesdays Cooperative Drop-Off Program
Helping your family, enjoy the journey……we offer campus classes, field trips, seasonal showcases, and events to complement your at-home learning, and it is all coordinated by a weekly guidebook with practical steps and application; painting a unique portrait of hybrid education, we blend old and new methods, in a harmony following the rhythms of grace.

†2017-18 New Catalog
Guidebook Grade 3 Sample

Wednesday Elementary Classes  [5 hour program]

On 30 select Wednesdays, students enjoy a Christ-centered campus experience. Classes are held in a clean, safe, ministry environment, with caring, God-fearing leaders. A variety of academic courses, educational activities, celebrations and socialization opportunities, are planned for our co-op program to leave a lasting impression upon the lives of our students and their families.

Classes are composed of carefully chosen books and resources, some of which parents must purchase. (see catalog)
Our Wednesday program is Charlotte Mason inspired with Hymn Study, Scripture Memory, Habit Training, Fine Arts, Nature Study and Kindergarten Living Math. Utilizing the Abeka Christian Worldview Readers for History and Science grades 1, 2, 3, we encourage Read Aloud time with Living Books and Copywork to be followed up at home, by the parent.
By 4th grade we transition to Abeka’s project based report books for History/Geography and introduce laboratory science with Christian Kids Explore Chemistry. A list of Living Books for science, is provided for independent reading at home.

A typical day at Grace and Glory campus classes, is both challenging and pleasurable, involving the work of the mind, the heart, and the hands; requiring individual effort from every student as well as group cooperation. Cultivating close connections, your student is never lost in the crowd. Class sizes are purposefully kept small to promote optimal learning.

Student work, behavior and participation is observed and assessed. Elementary students do not typically have weekly homework, however,  our First-Fifth graders must participate in projects, reports and presentations, as well as two Showcases (Winter and Spring). 

Campus experiences take place, under the watchful eyes of loving leaders who place spiritual growth along with academic growth, at the forefront of their ministry. Grace and Glory leaders, share a commitment to believe, follow and obey the teachings of God’s Word. We desire to serve and support families, as they partner with us. Our team is dedicated, continually growing individually and as a group, to better improve our school community.

Kindergarten Leaders: Mrs Correia and Mrs Muffler
First-Second Grade: Mrs Douma, Mrs Mango
Third Grade: Mrs D’Alessandro
Upper Elementary: Mrs Croley

Parents are responsible for partnering with Grace and Glory leaders, as active home-educators and campus-supporters, volunteering in some capacity. on or off campus. Every parent plays an important role in our home school community, no matter how big or small the task.

Our new 2017/18 Guidebook,  coordinates and combines lesson plans from our campus teachers and clearly show which subjects must be instructed by the teaching parent at home. Each grade is to have their own Guidebook.
Click on this link for a sneak peek for elementary: Guidebook Grade 3 Sample

Grace and Glory has a passion for ministering to home schooling families, regardless of their affiliation. GGHS supports efforts towards private education however, we welcome all bible-believing, home schooling families, to enroll in classes, including but not limited to Public Charter School families, those who file independently and those enrolled in other PSP programs.