2017-18 Catalog - Grace and Glory


Q: Is Grace and Glory Academy, affiliated with a specific church?
No. We are an independent ministry, bible-based upon a Christian worldview; a non profit organization and private satellite school.

Q: What are the requirements for student and parent involvement?
All families,  must fulfill responsibilities and financial commitment to Grace and Glory; for those desiring to participate in our 2017-18 Monday classes, parents are responsible for partnering with Grace and Glory leaders, as active home-educators and campus-supporters, volunteering in some capacity, on or off campus. Every parent plays an important role in our home school community, no matter how big or small the task.

Q: How do families apply for Grace and Glory?
Email info@graceandgloryacademy.org to receive an application. Please be prepared to provide a reference from a leader in your church or bible study. We desire for all participating families to be bible-believing, church-attending families of good faith.

We are working to update our Family Handbook of policies and guidelines for the 2017-18 year. We will post a link to download the Handbook, later this spring.