2017-18 Catalog - Grace and Glory

Charlotte Mason Methods

Classically Charlotte Mason meets 21st Century Learning
Charlotte Mason (1842-1923), was a British educator, who founded a teacher training college in Ambleside, England; she inspired the creation of the Parents’ National Education Union, was a pioneer for home education and shaped the work of education in hundreds of homes, primary and secondary schools worldwide. Charlotte Mason believed that education was about more than passing exams and heading to college; she said education was to be an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.

At Grace and Glory, we encourage families to blend the best of Charlotte Mason methods with the best of modern 21st Century Learning, so students receive a well-rounded exposure to proven methods of the past and the bright, new methods of the future! We support the adoption of Charlotte Mason’s philosophies, to share a rich educational lifestyle with the next generation….one that is radically different from today’s culture.
CM students become masters of fine arts, learning to paint and to sing, to read with understanding and to write with the best; they develop an appetite for quality literature, memorize scripture, recite poetry, discover old hymns, and venture outdoors to study nature. Sharing in the glory of great heroes of the past and present, through History and Hero Study, students grow in character and relation to God and with others. CM students have short lessons, free afternoons and a large banquet of diverse study areas and hobbies, growing to the fullness of their God-given potential, using their God-given gifts. Cultivating good habits of conduct is of utmost importance as it is hoped that CM/Ambleside students master the skills necessary to live full and satisfying lives, deep in devotion to God and service to others.

We also acknowledge the importance for youth of 2017, to posses a modern skill set with digital literacy, media literacy, typing speed, collaborative learning, project-based learning, logic and critical thinking….we promote inquiry skills and strong communication skills, which will empower our children to be bold leaders as they mature into adulthood.

Our new 2017/18 Guidebook, presents a 30 week layout of plans and checkboxes, demonstrating how to teach a Classically Charlotte Mason, 21st Century model at home. Our Guidebooks coordinates and combines lesson plans from our campus teachers and clearly show which subjects must be instructed by the teaching parent at home. Each grade is to have their own Guidebook.  Click on this link for a sneak peek: Guidebook Grade 3 Sample

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