• Activities

    Winter/Spring 2020 Session Calendar
    Activity details are released to members via our newsletter. 

    January 21st: Playday & Curriculum Chat 
    La La Barn, Norco. Parents/Children ages 0-9yrs only please. (Fee)

    January 27th: Mother’s Fellowship
    Special guest author/speaker Jamie De Silvia, sharing teaching from her new book. Coffee and cheesecake served, Corona. No children. (FREE!)

    February 10th: Valentine Party + Food Drive! All ages. Corona. (FREE!)

    February 24th: Pila’s Pantry Bakery Workshop/Field Trip
    Norco, Children ages 4 to 12yrs only please. (Fee) 
    February 24th: Middle School and High School Trip
    to the Ronald Regan Library! Children 6th grade and older only. (FREE!)

    March 20-22nd: CHEA Mothers Retreat at the Murrieta Hot Springs Retreat Center. Sign up through February 2020. (Fee)

    March 30th: All School Field Trip to the San Diego Zoo! All ages! (Fee)

    April 28th: Beach Exploration Day/Nature Hike. 
    Dana Point Nature Interpretative Center. (FREE!) 

    May 18th: Year End Day of Excellence – Family Fair. (FREE!)