• Financial

    2020 Fees —
    Registration Fee: $75 per family due in full at enrollment
    Tuition Fee: $350 in full or 10 auto installments of $40 each per family

    Distance Alternative: $300 tuition paid in full for those looking for record keeping only with no participation in activities or events.

    High School Fee: $50 per student due in full with tuition

    Testing Fees: 8-12th grades approx $25 each

    Non Member – Support Group Fee: $100 per year, per family
    for those who do not wish to enroll in Grace and Glory Academy but would like to be involved in our group activities, meetings and events for support and community.

    CURRICULUM — families may use free online curriculum, purchase resources from your own selected companies or order a box set of curriculum from our Academy!

    We accept debit or credit card payments through Apple Pay or Paypal.
    We also accept personal checks. Any bounced checks are subject to a $35 fee. We do not accept cash.

  • Academy

    Grace and Glory Academy is a California private school, comprised entirely of bible believing families who are home educating.

    Our services include –

    • Students K-12th added to our Private School Affidavit
    • Cumulative files professionally created and maintained 
    • Curriculum counseling and guidance
    • Teacher support, training and accountability
    • Community opportunities to build friendships
    • School Portraits and ID Cards 
    • Group Discounts
    • Lending Library
    • Partnership for High School Help
    • Events/Prom/Sports in connection with Christian Heritage

    Please download and read through our handbooks and documents below, for a full overview of Academy guidelines and expectations: 
    Grace and Glory Family Handbook
    Grace and Glory High School Handbook
    New Teens Welcome Packet
    Kindergarten Guidelines 2020 Update
    Student Testing

    Registration for new families is: June 15 to August 15
    Back to School Night is: August 17

    Grace and Glory is a proud CHEA Support Network Member,
    partner with HSLDA and Family Protection Ministries.

    Christian Home Educators Association

  • FAQs

    Q: Is Grace and Glory Academy, affiliated with a church?
    A: No. We are an independent non profit organization.

    >Q: What are some benefits to private home education through
    Grace and Glory Academy? Why Choose Grace and Glory
    >A: Families can educate without government involvement.
    Families can exercise freedom and flexibility in regards to curriculum, scheduling, testing, and vaccinations. 
    Families can explore alternatives to traditional academics.
    Families can increase availability for ministry, business, or travel.
    Families can develop student’s God-given gifts and talents.
    Families can work on credit recovery or special needs.

    >Q: How is Grace and Glory different from a charter school?
    >A:  1 – CA charters are public-school homeschool programs, which accept government funds.  Grace and Glory is a California non-profit private school and does not accept public funding.
    2 – Grace and Glory students may legally receive religious instruction using religious materials. Because CA charter students are public school students, – under CA State Constitution Article 9/Section 8, students are not legally permitted to receive religious instruction or utilize religious materials while enrolled. [even if parents purchases these materials, it is not legal to use them]
    For more info, download this: The Right Fit For Your Family

    >Q: Are Grace and Glory parents solely responsible for their child’s educational instruction?
    >A: Parents are required to be in charge of atleast 51% of their child’s education at home or online. Support Groups, Co-Ops, outside classes/Tutors may be used for “select” subjects, enrichment and supplements. 

    >Q: Which school subjects are required to be taught?
    >A: In the state of California, private schools must offer students instruction in the following branches of study: English (including Literature & Writing, Spelling & Grammar), Arithmetic, Social Studies & Geography, Science, Fine Art, Health and Physical Education.

    >Q: Are there a required number of educational days/hours?
    >A: In the state of California, there are no required number of educational hours for private school students, however, Grace and Glory Academy requires that all students complete between 155-175 educational “school days” (including field trips) per academic year.

    >Q: How do families apply for Grace and Glory Academy?
    >A: Contact us and arrange a time to meet with our leaders. All families go through an interview and probation period. New families should be prepared to provide a reference letter from a leader in your church.
    We desire for all participating families to be bible-believing, church-attending members who agree with our Academy statement of faith.

    >Q: Who should NOT apply for Grace and Glory Academy?
    >A: Families who do not agree with the Academy Statement of Faith,
    Families that want to practice unschooling,

    Parents that are not available to oversee their student’s academics,
    Parents that are not able to respectfully submit to leadership.

  • About Us

    Grace and Glory Academy is a Non Profit Organization [501c3]
    Founders: the Roekle Family
    phone: 951.638.4170
    email: info@graceandgloryacademy.org

    Visit our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8evqKjs634S3oXTR_T22Q

    Statement of Faith: We believe there is only One True God, Our Father, The Creator of the Universe, Maker of Heaven and Earth, His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Counselor. We believe in the entire Bible, Old and New Testament to be the inspired, Holy Word of God. We believe in God’s design for marriage, between one man, and one woman. We believe each person is created in God’s image for the purpose of worshipping and serving Him, following His commandments and decrees.

    Our Leadership – Michaela Roekle grew up homeschooling from first grade through graduation. Throughout her youth and adulthood, she’s worked in children’s and ladies ministry, and homeschool administration for two schools. Michaela has been married to her husband Brad for 21yrs; they have three children…their eldest who graduated from homeschooling in 2019, their middle who is currently homeschooling in highschool and their youngest in elementary. They have been homeschooling parents for 13 years. In addition to running Grace and Glory, Michaela and her husband serve as Advisory Board Members for CHEA of California (www.cheaofca.org).

  • Schooling for the glory of God

    We believe each child is a whole person, uniquely created by God and can experience education in a whole-hearted manner for all aspects of life….spiritually, academically, emotionally, mentally and physically.  We offer learning experiences as a community to interact with others and explore God’s great world. We encourage parents to exercise their freedom in selecting whatever resources and materials fit their needs.

    Parents legally have the freedom to utilize faith-based materials for their students. At Grace and Glory, we also promote the timeless educational methods of Charlotte Mason – a British educator who co-labored with the Holy Spirit and believed that education was about more than passing an exam or getting into the right college. She said education was an atmosphere, a discipline, and a lifestyle.

    Above all, it is our prayer that children graduate from Grace and Glory with not only the abilities, but the desire to read God’s Word, share God’s Word and know Him as their personal Lord and Savior. May everything we do, be done for the glory of God. [1 Corinthians 10:31]

    Here are some of our top curriculum recommendations for 2020
    Curriculum Menu

  • Documents

    Watch our video: How to Register for Grace and Glory Academy

    2020-21 Registration Documents To Download:
    New Registration Form 2020-21
    Academy Agreement 2020

    Note: for K4/K5 entry we require
    *a copy of a birth certificate
    *a copy of recent health examination (form provided)
    *a copy of the immunization card OR personal letter opting out
    Kindergarten Guidelines 2020 Update

    After enrollment, download the following documents… 
    Student Attendance Form
    Grace and Glory Academy Report Card
    Grace and Glory PE Log
    Course of Study Curriculum Reporting Sheet
    New Teens Welcome Packet
    The Importance of Record Keeping 2020
    Field Trip Guidelines
    New Calendar 2020-2021