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About Us

Founders: the Roekle Family

Grace and Glory Statement of Faith: We believe there is only One True God, Our Father, The Creator of the Universe, Maker of Heaven and Earth, His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Counselor. We believe in the entire Bible, Old and New Testament to be the inspired, Holy Word of God. We believe in God’s design for marriage, between one man, and one woman. We believe each person is created in God’s image for the purpose of worshipping and serving Him, following His commandments and decrees.

About our Founders
Michaela Roekle grew up being home schooled from first grade through graduation; she is an alumni of Christian Heritage, Corona. Throughout her youth and adulthood, she’s worked in children’s and ladies ministry, as well as worship arts, music/choir, photography, and homeschool leadership for 10 years. Michaela has been married to her husband Brad for 18yrs and together they have three children.  (11th grade, 7th grade, and K)

Michaela Roekle will be speaking at the Christian Home Educators Leadership Convention, Summer 2018.
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New Community Flyer 2018

Middle School/High School

Middle School and High School

The educational journey takes a new turn, once students enter the secondary years…..academics increase in difficulty and our teens begin craving more interaction with peers. Grace and Glory desires to encourage, support and empower parents and students to break free from doubts and insecurities, and to embrace the joys home education can bring during the secondary years. This season presents newfound independence and exciting new opportunities to experience MORE together! Grace and Glory offers group classes on a weekly basis. Parents remain the teacher and oversee home assignments – we facilitate projects, activities, opportunities, discussions and field trips.

New Community Flyer 2018

For 2018-19: Middle School and High School classes will be on Thursday mornings at the Corona Heritage Park Classroom. 
9:00-11:00 History and Writing Core Block | 11:20-1:00 Enrichment PE, Science Circle and Lunch at the park.
There is a monthly fee, which can vary based on the number of enrollment students in the class. The more who join, the less the fees, so please tell your friends!


Please download our: Grace and Glory Community Handbook

New Community Flyer 2018


Grace and Glory Academy, Private Satellite School

Where students are educated from a biblical worldview;
parents can choose materials and programs suited to their children’s learning styles, family budget and lifestyle.

  • Students are added to our Private School Affidavit
  • Parents receive support, guidance and counseling
  • Mentorship is available, year-round via our advice call/text line
  • Personal connection is prioritized by administrative meetings via phone, video chat or group gathering
  • Student Cumulative Files are created and maintained professionally
  • School Portraits and ID Card services are available
  • Shop Scholastic Book Club and participate in our annual Reading Incentive Program
  • Receive Group Discounts for Field Trips/Activities/Events

Registration: $25 per family before June 15 | $50 per family after June 15
Tuition: $300 annual tuition or (4) payments of $75
High School Surcharge: $80 annual tuition or (4) payments of $20

***TAKE $100 OFF TUITION when you enroll before June 15***
*Payment plans are available to those who enroll in May/June/July/Aug

Grace and Glory Academy is a proud CHEA Support Network and HSLDA Member.
We have an partnership with Christian Heritage School Corona.

Christian Home Educators Association