PSP Agreement


Q: Is Grace and Glory Academy, affiliated with a specific church?
No. We are an independent non profit organization and private satellite school.

Q: What kind of families, would want to homeschool with Grace and Glory?
Those that desire to….
increase flexibility and freedom in their schedule
increase family time and weave educational experiences throughout their lifestyle
increase availability for ministry, home business, athletics, the arts and travel
increase involvement and guidance in character training, values and morals
increase safety and monitoring
offer alternatives to traditional academic approaches
offer one-on-one teaching time
offer to explore God-given gifts, talents and passions to greater depths
offer interaction with adults/children of all ages to improve social skills
allow a student to repeat a grade; makeup lost credits and work towards getting back on track
allow the Holy Spirit to be their guide, instructing their children in a bible-based education

Q: What kind of families, would not be a good fit for Grace and Glory?
Those who….
Have a spouse who is adamantly against home education; parents must partner with our administration
Desire to follow Unschooling practices
Are unable (for any number of reasons) to take responsibility to oversee their child’s education

Q: Are Grace and Glory parents solely responsible for their child’s school instruction?
Parents are required to be involved in atleast 51% of their child’s home education.
Group classes may be used for select subjects, enrichment and supplements.
Online/DVD Distance Learning programs (like Abeka) still require parental involvement and accountability.
Parents report to Grace and Glory administration and abide by record keeping policies.
Parents outsourcing select subjects, need to stay under the 51% threshold.

Q: What subjects are required to be taught?
In the state of California, private schools must offer students instruction in the following branches of study:
English, Arithmetic, Social Studies & Geography, Science, Fine Art, Health and Physical Education.

Q: Is there a required number of days/hours?
In the state of California, there are no required number of educational hours for private school students, however, Grace and Glory requires that families complete between 155-175 educational “school days” (including field trips) per academic year.

Q: Does my child need vaccinations to enroll in Grace and Glory Academy?
No. In the state of California, privately home educated students are the only ones exempt from mandatory immunizations. Families enrolled in Grace and Glory may choose a full, partial or delayed immunization plan for their children,  or completely decline immunizations.

Q: How do families apply for Grace and Glory?
Visit our FORMS page; download, print and complete the appropriate documents, then contact our Principal and arrange a time to submit the documents in person. All families meet with our Principal for an interview. New families must be prepared to provide a reference from a leader in your church or bible study. We desire for all participating families to be bible-believing, church-attending families.

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PSP Agreement

Charlotte Mason Methods

Classically Charlotte Mason
Charlotte Mason (1842-1923), was a British educator, who founded a teacher training college in Ambleside, England; she inspired the creation of the Parents’ National Education Union, she was a pioneer for home education and shaped the work of education in hundreds of homes, primary and secondary schools worldwide. Charlotte Mason believed that education was about more than passing exams and heading to college; she said education was to be an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.

At Grace and Glory, we encourage families to blend the best of the Classic Charlotte Mason methods with the best of modern 21st Century Learning, so students receive a well-rounded exposure to proven methods of the past and the bright, new methods of the future! We support the adoption of Charlotte Mason’s philosophies, to share a rich, educational lifestyle with the next generation….one that is radically different from today’s culture.
CM students honor the Lord by giving their best efforts; they learn to paint and sing hymns, to read living books with understanding and to write like skilled authors; they develop an appetite for quality vs quantity, memorize scripture, recite poetry, discover composers and venture outdoors to study nature. Sharing in the glory of great heroes of the past and present, students grow in character and relation to God and with others. CM students have short lessons, free afternoons and a large banquet of diverse study areas and hobbies, growing to the fullness of their God-given potential, using their God-given gifts. Cultivating good habits of conduct is of utmost importance as it is hoped that CM students master the skills necessary to live full and satisfying lives, deep in devotion to God and service to others.

We also acknowledge the importance for youth of this generation, to posses a modern skill set with digital literacy, typing, collaborative learning, logic and critical thinking….it is our goal to empower families, so their children rise up to be bold leaders as they mature into adulthood.

Simply Charlotte, provides this free educational plan to help families get started!

Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education