Graduation Options with Requirements


Q: Is Grace and Glory Academy, affiliated with a specific church?
No. We are an independent non profit organization.

Q: What kind of families, would want to join Grace and Glory?
Those that desire to….
-increase family time and weave educational experiences throughout their lifestyle
-increase availability for ministry, home business, athletics, the arts or travel
-increase involvement and guidance in character training, values and morals
-increase flexibility in their schedule
-increase safety and monitoring
-offer alternatives to traditional academic approaches
-offer one-to-one teaching
-explore student’s God-given gifts, talents and passions to greater depths
-interact with adults and children of all ages in family-style learning, to improve social skills
-allow a student to repeat a grade; makeup lost credits and work towards getting back on track
-allow the Holy Spirit to be the ultimate guide for a Christ-centered, bible-based, education

Q: What kind of families, would not be a good fit for Grace and Glory?
Those who….
-desire to follow un-schooling practices
-are unable (for any number of reasons) to take responsibility for their child’s education
-are unable (for any number of reasons) to fulfill record keeping responsibilities
-are unable to respect and submit to our leadership and policies

Q: Are Grace and Glory parents solely responsible for their child’s educational instruction?
Parents are required to be involved in atleast 51% of their child’s education at home, online or hybrid in-class.
Group classes may be used for select subjects, enrichment and supplements. Online/DVD Distance Learning programs (like Abeka) still require parental involvement and accountability. Parents must abide by record keeping policies and meet with our admin.

Q: What subjects are required to be taught?
In the state of California, private schools must offer students instruction in the following branches of study: English, Arithmetic, Social Studies & Geography, Science, Fine Art, Health and Physical Education.

Q: Are there a required number of educational days/hours?
In the state of California, there are no required number of educational hours for private school students, however, Grace and Glory Academy requires that all students complete between 155-175 educational “school days” (including field trips) per academic year.

Q: Does my child need vaccinations to enroll in Grace and Glory Academy?
In the state of California, the privately home educated students are the only ones exempt from mandatory immunizations. Students must be educated at home at least 51% of the time. Families enrolled in Grace and Glory may choose a full, partial or delayed immunization plan for their children,  or completely decline immunizations.

Q: How do families apply for Grace and Glory Academy?
Contact us and arrange a time to submit an application. All families go through an interview process. New families must be prepared to provide a reference from a leader in your church or bible study. We desire for all participating families to be bible-believing, church-attending families who agree with our statement of faith.

Q: Can Charter School families enroll in Community Classes?
Yes. Our Community days are open to families of all school affiliations – private and public charter.

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Graduation Options with Requirements

Schooling for the glory of God

Christian home educators have the privilege to train up our children from a biblical worldview, using methods that radically differ from today’s “norm”.  Your home is a garden of learning and your children are tender plants; we can give them the loving care that they need to grow… spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Training Biblically
We can train our students to honor the Lord by giving their best efforts;  they develop an appetite for quality vs quantity, and  grow in character and relation to God and with others. Many home educated students enjoy shorter lessons, free afternoons and a large banquet of diverse study areas and hobbies, growing to the fullness of their God-given potential, using their God-given gifts. Cultivating good habits of conduct is of utmost importance as it is hoped that students master the skills necessary to live full and satisfying lives, deep in devotion to God and service to others.

Preparing A Feast
We all know, it isn’t healthy to feed our children junk food; it also wouldn’t be very healthy or enjoyable for our children, if we served poor food choices of the same food at every meal, day after day. Now, apply this concept to education. We encourage parents to partner with us, in preparing a rich, wholesome, healthy and varied feast of ideas, lessons and experiences, to nourish and satisfy our children’s mind, body and soul. 

Using Living Books
Often, secular school textbooks are written by a panel of educators or advisors, and filled with dry facts, drills and political agenda. “Living books” are typically written by a single author who has a passion for the subject and writes in a captivating way that pulls the reader in! Students using living books are known to recall and relate to  characters and events with greater detail vs. boring textbooks. Much of today’s popular literature is also filled with darkness, inappropriate content or “twaddle”.  [shallow non-sense] Classic literature and living books offer stories of heroes, values and morals.
In addition to living books, we help families select quality materials and resources that appeal to all learning styles; visual, auditory and hands-on learners. No matter if your child is college-bound or choosing a general education path, there are endless options of living books!

Integrating Technology 
Home educating families have a vast pool of tech resources made easily available; parents can blend the best of old fashioned methods, with the best of modern technology, so students receive well-rounded exposure to proven methods of the past and the bright, new technological methods of the future. We acknowledge the importance for youth of this generation, to posses a modern skill set with digital literacy, typing, collaborative learning, logic and critical thinking….it is blessing to be able to expose students to these concepts, in a safe, monitored home school environment.

It is our goal to empower families, so their children rise up to be bold leaders as they mature into adulthood.